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Catching Up With: 2019

Every July, Query & Schultz catch up with former prominent Indianapolis and/or Indiana athletes, coaches, and influential figures in their "Catching Up With" series! Hear those players, coaches, and other luminaries look back on their time in Indiana, share personal stories from inside and outside the locker room, and get you up-to-date on what they're doing now.


The former Purdue star talked about going from undrafted to NBA All-Star in his remarkable, fourteen-year pro career, his close relationship with Ron Artest (they were teammates in Indiana and two other different places), and his affinity for hunting, fishing, and his marijuana business.

The former Purdue standout and Super Bowl XLVII champion talked about his unceremonious exit from West Lafayette (things got really nasty), and later mending fences with Joe Tiller before his passing, plus his hard-hitting style that often rubbed people the wrong way - and injured a couple of prominent Patriots - during his successful NFL career.

The former Notre Dame star and Colt joined us to talk about his rise (All-American, professional boxer, NFLer) and fall (addiction and depression) and picking back up the pieces of his life since his departure from Indianapolis.

The Peru star and 1975 Indiana Mr. Basketball originally agreed to remain in his home state, playing at Purdue for his freshman year, but later decided to move on to Kentucky, where he became a National Champion in 1978 and the program’s first consensus SEC Player of the Year in 1980. Macy discussed an an unpopular decision at home, becoming a legend in the Bluegrass state, and a decade-long pro career, which included a final season back home with the Pacers.

From Division II, to being cut in camp, to stints in the CBA, WBL, and Italy, Haywoode Workman had a long road to becoming a starter on one of the most beloved teams in Pacers' history (1993-94). He joined us to discuss his playing career, Reggie Miller's famous trash-talking, and about how he now sees things from a different angle as a referee.

He went to seven Pro Bowls, but also holds the distinction of being the centerpiece in two different trades for the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. Chris Hinton, who isn't mentioned as often as he should be among the franchise's all-time greats, talks with us about his time in Indy, his fractured-then-repaired relationship with Jim Irsay, and an interesting time in the Colts' organization.

The heralded recruit was part of Mike Davis's infamous "Help is on the way!" recruiting class, and while he may not have lived up to all fan expectations, he is one of only 52 Hoosiers to be part of the 1,000 point club. Marshall Strickland looks back on his time in Bloomington and talks about why people call him "Dr. Strickland" today.

Born in Indianapolis, Dan Quayle graduated from Huntington North, DePauw, and earned a law degree from IU before becoming an Indiana senator through the 1980s, to the White House with George H. W. Bush in 1989. The former Vice President spoke about the rapid ascension of his political career, the current administration, and what Indiana still means to him.

Joey Elliott only started one year and never took an NFL snap, so he won't say he's in the famed Cradle of Quarterbacks. However, in that one season, he led Purdue to their only win at Michigan in 53 years and upset a top-ten Ohio State team. The former Boilermaker QB looked back on a rocky transition from the end of the Joe Tiller era to the start of the ill-fated Danny Hope tenure, an up-and-down senior season, and his role now as a scout with the Colts.

He's not talked about as much as the greats, but Willie Veasley won 118 games in his four years at Butler. His senior leadership was key to the Dawgs' stellar 2010 season, and his clutch baskets sunk #1 Syracuse to spark their historic title game run. Veasley looked back on his time as a player in Indy and discussed what he's doing now as a coach in Fargo.

From tiny Swayzee, Indiana to a win away from a National Championship in Atlanta, Jarrad Odle was a key figure in IU’s improbable tournament run in 2002. The big man joined us to talk about his recruitment (he actually grew up a Purdue fan), the rollercoaster four years in Bloomington, being on the cusp of a national title, his not-so-great relationship with the program during the Tom Crean years, and what he's up to now. 

Don Hein arrived in Indianapolis in 1969 and was here to see the Pacers go from the ABA to NBA, the Colts arrive from Baltimore, and the entire Bob Knight tenure at Indiana. He shared stories from a transformative 30+ year run covering sports in the Circle City.

He starred at North Central, set records at Notre Dame, and won a Super Bowl ring in Green Bay, but the other aspects of his life - marrying Roger Brown's daughter and befriending Andre Rison & Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes are even more interesting. Derrick Mayes talked about it all with us.

Tom Van Arsdale unfortunately holds the distinction of being the NBA's all-time leading scorer (14,232 points) without having ever played in a playoff game. However, his individual accolades - Mr. Basketball, All-American, three-time All-Star - make him an Indy hoops icon. One of the legendary Van Arsdale twins look back on his hoops career with us.


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