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Catching Up With: Willie Veasley

Willie Veasley didn't get a ton of credit for Butler's 2010 run to the NCAA Championship Game and he's fine with that. The senior leader's clutch baskets in the final minutes against #1 Syracuse helped kick-start the Dawgs' historic run and he was an every game starter on the best team in school history.

Now a coach with North Dakota State, the former standout joined us on our latest edition of Catching Up With to look back on his path to Butler, building towards the breakthrough run as a senior, and where basketball takes him now. Here's our conversation:


2:13 The 2010 Sweet 16 upset of #1 Syracuse

3:29 Brad Stevens’s pillars of coaching

4:38 LaVall Jordan’s impact on his recruitment

5:57 Sharing an alma mater with former IU guard Jamal Meeks

8:27 Butler changing their recruiting with growth?

10:36 His family and coaching

12:50 The North Dakota State gig

13:56 Coming full circle with another Tourney game vs. Duke

15:35 Recruiting to Fargo

18:04 Basketball celebrities at Butler

19:05 Keeping up with the Butler family

21:51 Won’t re-watch the 2010 Title game

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