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Catching Up With: Marshall Strickland

Marshall Strickland may not have lived up to the expectations of some fans, but he's still one of only 52 Hoosiers to ever break the 1,000-point mark.

The guard, who started 97 or 121 games in Bloomington, joined us for Catching Up With today to reflect on a difficult four years for the program. He discussed the pressure that he and Bracey Wright faced as bluechip recruits, what Davis felt following Bob Knight, and why things never really came together for those Indiana teams. Oh, and he told us why folks call him "Dr. Strickland" today. Take a listen:

Here's a rundown of our conversation:

2:58 The heavy expectations coming in as a heralded recruit

4:28 On if the hype put pressure on Bracey Wright

5:22 Realizing just how serious the IU fanbase is

6:00 Contemplating a transfer after his second season

6:42 Reason he chose Indiana

9:01 Relationship with Mike Davis

10:41 Fan criticism of Davis

13:20 Bracey distancing himself

14:36 IU teammates he's closest with

16:40 Playing overseas

18:26 Becoming a dentist

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