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Catching Up With: Bernard Pollard

Bernard Pollard's hard-hitting nature on the field and brutal honesty off of it hasn't always rubbed coaches and fans the right way, but it made him one of the most intimidating players to ever wear a Purdue uniform.

The former Boilermaker, who had a rocky exit from Purdue after a falling out with Joe Tiller, joined us for our Catching Up With series today to discuss his relationship with his alma mater/late head coach, playing against Peyton Manning compared to Tom Brady, and also shared his thoughts on Andrew Luck:

Here are some highlights:

4:20 On his recruitment

5:53 His exit from Purdue and falling out with Joe Tiller

8:27 Repairing his relationship with Tiller

11:32 The 2004 and 2005 teams underachieving

12:50 Kyle Orton

14:05 Why he’d take Manning over Brady

17:45 Being blamed for Brady, other Patriots injuries

18:43 Were you a dirty player?

21:39 Thoughts on Andrew Luck then and now

25:17 What’s he’s up to now

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