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Catching Up With: Dan Quayle

When we started the Catching Up With series in 2015, we didn't want to limit it to just athletes and coaches. Over the years, we've tried to talk to prominent figures with Indianapolis (and/or Indiana) ties, who have interesting stories. Today's guest might've had the most interesting path of all: Dan Quayle.

The former Indiana senator rose to the Vice Presidency after being George H. W. Bush's choice in the 1988 election and served a full term in the White House. However, since heading back to Arizona, he hasn't been in the public eye like he was as a rising politician thirty years ago.

Vice President Quayle was kind enough to come on our show earlier today to look back on his years in Indiana, mostly in his 20's and 30's as he graduated Huntington, DePauw, and IU, as well as his rapid ascent through the House and Senate, all the way to the White House. He also discussed the media scrutiny he faced in his four years and shared his thoughts on the current political climate and administration. Here's our conversation:

Interview rundown with former Vice President Dan Quayle:

2:59 Reaction to hearing his Vice Presidential inauguration in 1989

4:31 Hoosier pride in becoming the VP nominee

6:51 Getting cut from the Huntington high school hoops team (and class basketball)

9:07 Remembering the Monon Bell rivalry

10:04 Being a sports fan with George H. W. Bush and the many Indianapolis 500s he attended

11:33 How he landed on the ticket with President Bush

13:57 Getting introduced as VP

15:43 Narrowly avoiding tragedy at Jonestown

18:41 The impact of social media and the 24/7 newscycle today compared to then

20:17 Partisanship too toxic?

21:28 Criticism while he was in office

22:15 Remembering President Bush

23:23 Relationship with Mike Pence

24:03 Views on the Trump Administration

25:15 Life now for Dan Quayle

26:38 Getting a grilled cheese at Rivi from Jake

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