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Catching Up With: Jarrad Odle

Jarrad Odle was your stereotypical Indiana Hoosier. Hailing from tiny Swayzee, a town of fewer than 1,000 people, Odle came to Bloomington during a tumultuous time for the program. Halfway through his tenure, Bob Knight was fired. A player mutiny followed, which was quelled by the promotion of Mike Davis, but Davis also felt the heat from the intensity of that spotlight. Thankfully, all of that drama temporarily evaporated during IU's magical (and improbable) run to the 2002 National Championship game during Odle's senior year.

Odle, a key figure during that improbable run to Atlanta, joined us today as our latest Catching Up With guest. He talked about his recruitment (he actually grew up a Purdue fan), the rollercoaster four years at IU, being on the cusp of a national title, his not-so-great relationship with the program during the Tom Crean years, and what he's up to now. Take a listen:

Here's a rundown...

1:08 Stepping out to hit threes in the Elite 8 win over Kent State

3:52 The whirlwind of change in his four years in Bloomington

5:28 The end of the Bob Knight era

6:29 Team's conversation with Knight after the firing happened

7:30 Meeting with Myles Brand and his treatment of the team

10:12 Hating the media attention that came with everything

12:08 Growing up a Purdue fan and his disastrous visit to West Lafayette

15:37 Differences in today's college hoops landscape

18:20 Taking a starting role and the team taking off as a senior


23:01 What he's up to now

24:59 Tom Coverdale's emergence under Mike Davis

26:08 Current relationship with Knight and Davis

27:28 Rocky relationship with Tom Crean

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