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Catching Up With: Derrick Mayes

Derrick Mayes's football career was plenty special on the field - he was a star at North Central High School, set several receiving records at Notre Dame, and won a Super Bowl ring during a short, but productive five-year NFL career - but the most interesting aspects of his career may have been off the field.

Mayes, a childhood friend of Query's, was kind enough to swing by the studio for the latest edition of our Catching Up With series. While he discussed coming up at North Central, being a critical part of Lou Holtz's last great teams, and winning a Super Bowl with Brett Favre, he also got into his close bond with roomates Andre Rison and the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, his marriage to Gayle Brown, the daughter of Pacers' legend Roger Brown, and how head injuries and the tragic 9/11 attacks hitting close to home pushed him into retirement at 27 years old.

Here is our wide-ranging discussion with the former wide receiver:

A rundown...

2:07 Winning MVP of the Orange Bowl in a loss

3:35 His recruitment out of North Central and trying to get a free Hawaii trip

5:02 Recruiting visit to Miami

6:49 Choosing Notre Dame

8:33 The ticket scandal

14:30 Worrying about CTE

16:47 Retiring from football shortly after 9/11

18:40 Marrying Roger Brown's daughter and his son's hoops career

20:01 What he's up to today

21:19 Both family and Pacers family ties keeping him coming back to Indy

22:25 Still wear the Super Bowl ring?

23:39 Rooming with Andre Rison and Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

27:05 His continued strong friendship with Rison

28:05 Sharing Mississippi family ties with Brett Favre

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