Somebody in the NFL Wanted Jon Gruden Out

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders

Photo: Getty Images

Today on 2 Pros and Cup of Joe, Jonas, Brady and LaVar react to Jon Gruden resigning as head coach of the Raiders following the leak of his offensive emails spanning over several years. The timing and circumstances of the leak leave the guys wondering if there's more to the story and who might have wanted Jon Gruden out.

LaVar Arrington: "This information has been there. Somebody knew about these emails and interactions long before they came out... How does that information come out? It seems like there's something more here and it seems almost mobbish."
Brady Quinn: "Someone in the NFL doesn't like Jon Gruden. That's the bottom line because this investigation was done by the NFL and this was the only thing to be made public from all those emails. I mean you're telling me there was nothing else from within the Washington Football Team organization, that forever was known to have cultural issues, and the only things they found were emails from Jon Gruden to Bruce Allen?... To your point, someone had a hit on him. Someone was looking for something once they found an email and they started looking for more and they had a reason to get Jon Gruden out when it was all said and done."

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