Doug Gottlieb Calls Out Caleb Williams and His Dad After 'GQ' Draft Threats

Doug Gottlieb: “There’s something to younger people now where they literally push back against everything in such an immature way that they don’t realize how they sound. I’ll give you an example: Caleb Williams from the GQ Magazine article-- ‘I’ve always been able to choose the team that I’ve played on and then everything’s been scheduled for me, but now going into the next part of my career, it’s weird because it’s so uncertain. You don’t know anything, you can’t control anything but YOU and how you act, and that’s honestly the weirdest part is the uncertainty.’ Carl Williams, his dad, says ‘The funky thing about the NFL draft process is, he’d almost be better off not being drafted than being drafted first. The system is completely backwards. The way the system is constructed, you go to the worst possible situation. The worst possible team, the worst organization in the league—because of their desire for parity—gets the first pick. So it’s the gift and the curse.’ Carl Williams threw out the idea of potentially coming back to USC: ‘He’s got two shots at the apple so if there’s not a good situation, the truth is, he can come back to school’... The biggest misconception is that an organization is one to avoid and another organization is one to go, and that can determine your success financially and statistically as a quarterback. I’m sure a lot of this is arrows directed at the Arizona Cardinals because Jonathan Gannon looks completely and utterly over his head. Why blame Kyler Murray when you can blame the Arizona Cardinals? I brought up Joe Burrow. The Bengals weren’t terrible when Andy Dalton was their quarterback, but the Bengals have a terrible reputation, especially leading up to when they drafted Joe Burrow. They Bengals were too cheap, the Bengals defense the year before they drafted Burrow, through 15 weeks, was the worst defense statistically in the history of football, they didn’t have a very good offensive line, were in a division where you can’t win, and nobody believed in their coach. Colin Cowherd went on his show and said Burrow should pull an Eli Manning and refuse to go to the Cincinnati Bengals and make them trade. Fast-forward just three years later and they’ve been to a Super Bowl and deep in the AFC Playoffs, and he’s in line for a contract extension that will pay him hundreds of millions of dollars. How many times did you hear ‘DON’T GO TO THE CHARGERS!’ Justin Herbert has gone there, they’re no longer ‘cheap’ because they have much deeper pockets being in LA, and now they’re a team who has been to the playoffs, and the only one catching heat is their head coach. They’re doing everything in their power to make Justin Herbert’s life easier and make it successful. The Buffalo Bills had previously made the playoffs before drafting Josh Allen but had gone 13 years without making the playoffs. They were the punchline to all the jokes. They were ‘quarterback purgatory’. They drafted Josh Allen and now they’re a competitive team and a Super Bowl favorite. The Jaguars were the laughingstock of the league, ‘YOU GOTTA MOVE OUT OF JACKSONVILLE’, ‘YOU CAN’T WIN THERE!’... They figured it out after Urban Meyer, made the playoffs, they won a playoff game last year, and now they’re a favorite to win their division this year. Don’t get mad at me for saying Carl Williams is completely out of touch. Don’t get mad at me for saying Caleb Williams is in his own feelings. Just get mad at the data that tells you they don’t know what they’re talking about, and people who iterate and reiterate this nonsense are completely out of their minds and don’t realize that if you get the right quarterback and you figure it out, you’re going to be fine. Even if you want to pick out Kyler Murray, did they do everything in their power to make Kyler Murray work? Yes. They hired a head coach who had known him since high school, they played in an offense he had played since high school, they traded for one of the most elite receivers in the league [DeAndre Hopkins], and his first three years in the league they got better every year, and ended up in the playoffs. The only reason they fell apart last year was Hopkins was suspended for six games and then Murray tore his ACL. And everyone talking about organizations, front offices, and who wins and who loses—if you’re the worst team in football, you generally get rid of the general manager, you generally get rid of the head coach. You can question ownership but they eventually figure it out. Eli Manning was 20 years ago. John Elway was 35 years ago. Those are two instances of guys forcing their way to other places. There is zero legitimacy to the argument 20 years after Eli Manning as opposed to Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, Trevor Lawrence, and even Kyler Murray, all who resuscitated dead NFL teams and took them all to the playoffs in their first NFL contract, and all have gotten gigantic second contracts. I hate to be that guy but there’s a ‘feelings’ element to it from Caleb Williams and even his dad, and the facts tell you completely different. You don’t want to be the first overall pick? I don’t know how to tell you this, Carl, but every professional sports league has a draft. They all reward the worst team with the strongest likelihood of getting the number one overall pick. And to Caleb, ‘i’Ve aLwAyS gOtTeN tO pIcK mY tEaMs! ‘i’Ve aLwAyS gOtTeN tO pIcK mY sChOoLs!’ Well, that’s part of the problem, is we allow people to pick what high school they go to, what AAU team, whatever, and this is the real world. Before you were getting paid you didn’t have to pay taxes, you probably never did any laundry before, you didn’t have to worry about a lot of real-life stuff, now you do.” 

Listen to Doug Gottlieb of Fox Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show discuss Caleb Williams’ recent interview with GQ Magazine that teased threats about potentially staying at USC through next season and spurning a 2024 NFL Draft that would likely include him being drafted by the Arizona Cardinals. 

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb calls out Williams and his father Carl for the subtle threats, questioning to whether the phenom QB knows what life is like in the ‘real world.’  

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