Derek Carr Sounds Silly Defending Vontaze Burfict

Derek Carr is the quarterback and team leader of the Raiders, so you understand why he would go to bat for his teammate, but his comments defending Vontaze Burfict were really dumb.

Carr claimed Burfict's season-long suspension was "unfair", trying to compare his hit on Jack Doyle to other dirty plays that occurred during Sunday's Week 4 NFL action. He also talked about what a great person and teammate Burfict was off the field.

Here's the problem: Vontaze Burfict has been suspended thirteen times. He's been fined almost a half-million dollars over the years. After the hit on Doyle, he blew kisses to the Colts' crowd. He doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt here or in the future (if there is one) when it comes to dirty hits/plays. What he did on Sunday can't be compared to anything else that happened with guys who haven't made a career of getting fined and suspended like Burfict has.

Burfict may be the best teammate in the world and the nicest guy off the field. But, he's a trash person on it. His actions speak louder than anything else. He deserved this suspension. The only question is whether or not he deserves to play in the NFL ever again.

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