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Catching Up With: Brad Miller

We wanted a strong personality to kick off our Catching Up With series for this year and Brad Miller was an excellent choice.

The former East Noble, Purdue, and Pacers star joined us on today's show to start our annual feature, and we spent nearly a half-hour with him talking about his remarkable, fourteen-year NBA career, but also about his close bond with Ron Artest, his marijuana business, and his passion for the outdoors (hunting and fishing). Take a listen:

Here are some of the highlights:

1:33 Back in Indiana for the summer

2:40 Going undrafted

3:50 Starting overseas before heading to NBA

6:25 What he loved about playing at Purdue

8:50 His recruitment and light IU involvement

10:44 His trade from the Pacers

12:10 His love from Sacramento

13:30 His close bond with Ron Artest

17:57 A country boy in an NBA locker room

19:19 Visiting Artest in Queensbridge

21:31 His business, views on marijuana, into NBA use

27:28 What he hunts

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