Former Pacer Attempting a Comeback

When you look at the Pacers' salary cap sheet, you may notice a name at the bottom who you haven't seen on the court in a while: Monta Ellis.

That's because Ellis was waived and stretched by the team, meaning that the remaining $11.2 million owed to him is paid by the Pacers through 2022 - five years past his release.

That annual $2M+ is nice for Ellis' wallet, but he still hast the thirst to play, and several teams came to see him and Amare Stoudemire in their comeback attempt yesterday:

Ellis, who will be 34 this Fall, was a declining player at 31. His two years in Indiana (2015-17) were the two worst seasons since his rookie year and he bottomed out to just 8.5 points per game in his final season as a Pacer.

I'm not sure what the market is for mid-30s 6'3 scoring guards who have trouble scoring, but I don't wish Ellis any ill will. If he can't latch on with an NBA team, maybe there's still a place for him overseas, where we've seen guys like Stephon Marbury play into their 40s.

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