25 Years Ago Today: The O.J. Chase

There aren't many "where were you when ______ happened?" moments in one's life, but the O.J. Simpson police chase is absolutely one of them. 25 years ago today, 95 million people were captivated by Simpson's white Bronco:


O.J. eventually returned to his Brentwood home and was arrested without further incident. You already know the rest of the story. Amazingly, Al Cowlings' (the driver) white Bronco still exists. Simpson's former agent, Mike Gilbert, bought it for $75,000 in 1995 and kept it untouched for seventeen years. Recently, it has been used in memorabilia shows, but Gilbert has turned down offers as high as $250,000 for one of the most infamous vehicles in American history.

Coincidentally enough, he just re-appeared on Twitter last week, but I'd suggest not giving this guy anymore attention.

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