NFL Draft Isn't Coming (Yet), But Combine is Staying

Indianapolis received both good and bad news today, as the future dates for the NFL Draft and NFL Combine were announced.

Let's start with the good news: the NFL Combine is staying for the next two years.


The Combine has been here for thirty years, but there's been more and more talk of moving it to Los Angeles. That doesn't mean that Indy would lose it forever, however no one wants to lose the annual economic impact that it provides.

Meanwhile, the NFL Draft isn't coming to town in 2021 or 2023:


Now, if the Combine leaves, chances are the Draft would be given to Indianapolis (as a "hey, sorry!"), so that doesn't rule out a future date. That said, clearly Philly, Chicago, and especially Nashville's success is turning hosting this event into feeding frenzy.

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