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Bo Boroski Visited in-studio... and it Was Actually Cool

I'll admit that I haven't been a Bo Boroski fan.

The longtime official has often done Big Ten games and has drawn the ire of both Purdue and IU fans... and me. Here's one of the many tweets from the Purdue-Virginia game - I think Boilers fans will know which play I was talking about (side note: he admitted it was the wrong call):

Randomly, Boroski calls Indianapolis home, so I couldn't believe it when Query told me (ten minutes before the show!) that Bo was coming in-studio yesterday. However, it ended up being a really interesting conversation. After spending the whole hour with him, I feel weird saying this but... um, I think I like Bo Boroski as a person.

Here are a couple of the highlights...

How did Boroski get his start in officiating? It was back when he was a teenager, but he was originally a big baseball guy:

NCAA officials aren't full-time employees (like the NBA) but Boroski is fine with the current arrangement as an "independent contractor":

What does it take to get tossed from a game? Boroski discusses what happens when interactions with coaches get heated:

We also asked Bo if he feels like replay is utilized properly and he spoke about all that went into it:

I'll continue to disagree with his missed calls, whenever they pop up, but it was interesting getting a glimpse at the regular guy Bo instead of the running-from-the-opposite-side-of-the-court to overturn a call Bo. We really appreciate him coming in-studio to give a glimpse of what it's like behind the whistle.

Here's the full conversation.

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