Everyone Wants Pagano... To Be Their Coordinator

The Packers and Broncos have filled their head coaching vacancies, despite interviewing Chuck Pagano during the process, but a window is still open for Pagano's NFL return in 2019... as a defensive coordinator.

According to reports, the Jets, Browns, and Cardinals have all expressed interest in bringing Pagano on to their new staffs to run the defense:


Pagano ran Baltimore's defense (2011) before behind hired as Colts head coach, but that was his only season as a defensive coordinator. Outside of that, he has eight other seasons of NFL experience as a defensive coach (Ravens, Raiders, Browns), and nearly two decades on the college level.

He's probably more suited to be a coordinator - his rah-rah approach probably works better in that capacity and there's no question that players like him - and he may have to go back down a rung on the coaching ladder in order to get a second chance at running his own team.

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