"Showboat When You Actually Show Up"

Fans and the NFL itself have gotten more relaxed when it comes to player celebrations, as they should - it's a game so why penalize a guy for having fun? That said, when those celebrations (even little ones like signaling a first down) happen when your team is getting its butt kicked, you just look ridiculous. 

That was the case yesterday for Texans QB Deshaun Watson, who was pointing out first downs when his team was in a 21-0 and 21-7 hole. Former star WR Steve Smith Sr., who was known to celebrate in his own right, had a big problem with the timing of Watson's "showboating", and went off on him on NFL Network this morning:


I have zero problem with celebrating and showboating (as long as it isn't straight taunting) is also fine in my book. But, Smith is right - you're proud of yourself for a first down run down 21-0? Come on. 

Watson was off all day and the Texans were mostly dominated. It reminded me of the Colts' team celebration after their interception trailing by two scores in New England way back in October. There's a time and a place for it, and yesterday wasn't the time for any Texan to be puffing their chest out.

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