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Colts Can Still Get The #3 Seed

For the Colts, things aren’t as complicated when you control your own destiny.

Thanks to Pittsburgh’s late loss in New Orleans last night, the Colts are officially in the playoff picture right now as the AFC’s #6 seed:

So, what does Week 17 hold for Indy? Here are their only a few scenarios left:

1) Colts win = #6 seed

2) Colts win + Houston loss = #4 seed, AFC South champs 

3) Colts win + Houston loss + Baltimore loss = #3 seed, AFC South champs 

Scenarios 2 and 3 aren’t very likely, with the Texans (Jaguars) and Ravens (Browns) expected to be home favorites, but hey, stranger things have happened.

The important thing is that the Colts no longer need help - they win and they’re in.

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