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5 Quick Things: Colts-Ravens

1) Andrew Luck showed some rust, old demons.

The offensive line didn't do much to help (when are we finally going to wave the white flag on Le'Raven Clark?), but Luck was sloppy just like the Colts' offense was overall last night. The across-his-body, forced throw in the Red Zone was a good example of the poor decisions Luck would make as a younger player. Speaking of poor decisions, he held the ball too long on the final sack of the night, something that has also been a problem for him in the past.

2) Take away the second and third most important players and this team is bad.

You can probably say that about nearly every NFL team, but the absences of Anthony Castonzo (especially) and TY Hilton were very apparent. The Colts tackle depth is non-existent and I just don't know what they're going to get out of this group of no-name receivers. Ryan Grant had a nice Camp, but promising rookie Deon Cain is out for the year, K.J. Brent is banged-up, and Chester Rogers - a veteran compared to the rest of this group - hasn't done much to separate himself.

3) Andrew Luck took a big hit... and was fine.

This is obviously great news as Luck continues to work his way back. It seems (fingers-crossed) that everything has been normal for him this Camp and preseason, which is all you could ask for.

4) Square peg... square hole? John Simon can play.

There was concern that Simon would be odd man out as the Colts' switched from a 3-4 to a 4-3, but he hasn't shown it in game action so far. The veteran has 3 1/2 sacks this preseason and his constant motor/effort is fun to watch. As he continues to outshine an under-performing defensive end group (hello, Tarrell Basham!), Simon looks like a possible Week 1 starter.

5) Time to give up on Nyheim Hines as a return man.

Maybe this can be re-visited in the future, but with four fumbles in two preseason games, he's just not mentally capable of handling return duties at this time. It's been a total disaster.

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