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Q & S San Antonio Trip Itinerary Recap!

Wow, what a trip in San Antonio!

I decided last week that it was going to be our Travel Buddy Trip of a Lifetime™ and it absolutely turned out that way. In case you didn't follow along on Twitter, or you want to re-live it again, here is a rundown of a crazy three-plus days in the Alamo City:


1:17 AM: We were supposed to get into San Antonio by 11:15 PM on Wednesday, but thanks to heavy storms all over Texas, we were delayed for several hours during our layover in Houston. The pilot told us they "have to clock out by 2:30 AM", but luckily we get into the air around 1:45 AM.

2:45 AM: Land in San Antonio (finally) and our Travel Buddy Trip of a Lifetime™ officially begins.

2:55 AM: Query walks in the dead of night to take a picture of the Alamo. (I'm too tired for that sh*t.)

7:45 AM: After checking in to our Howard Johnson's late, I slept in a bit, setting a wake-up for 7:45. Query wasn't up until after 9:00, and we headed separately to Radio Row, which was across the street at the Convention Center.

9:30 AM to 6:00 PM: We have a great first day on Radio Row interviewing Jim Calhoun, UMBC's Ryan Odom, Dana Jacobson, and Jim Jackson, among many others. Amazingly, Query actually stays on track the entire time.

7:20 PM: I had gotten several recommendations (from a friend in Waco and others on Twitter) to checkout Mi Tierra downtown for Mexican food, and it didn't disappoint. We had a lovely meal together. Just two buds with some beers and tacos.

8:15 PM: We head over to the Riverwalk, which is sort of like the Indianapolis Canalwalk on steroids. There are restaurants, bars, shops, and people everywhere. The weather is amazing.

8:45 PM: After briefly kicking around the idea of going to the Spurs-Thunder game earlier in the night, we decided to hang back (we were both running on fumes from getting in at 3 AM) and watch on TV at a bar. I drank exactly one Bud Light. Query, meanwhile, had a problem with one of the draft beers he had tasting sour. I'll let him tell that story on-the-air.

11:00 PM: We watched a couple of episodes of the original Jersey Shore marathon at the hotel and crashed.


FRIDAY (this was the most eventful day)

6:45 AM: We were told that Patrick Ewing, my childhood hero, may make an appearance on Radio Row the night before, so I didn't sleep much.

8:30 AM: I head over to Radio Row early - it didn't actually open until 9 AM - and do a few solo interviews with LSU's Will Wade, Grand Canyon's Dan Majerle (NBA Jam!), and former Georgia Tech head coach Bobby Cremins.

11:10 AM: We secured a spot on Ewing's schedule and were able to spend about ten minutes with him. I somehow don't freak out. He was friendly and awesome and OMG IT WAS AMAZING GUYS.

2:30 PM: The great Bill Walton stops by. We're instructed to put our names and where we're from in gigantic letters on a piece of paper for him, so I write "JAKE QUERY & DEREK SCHULTZ, INDIANAPOLIS (LARRY BIRD & JOHNNY WOODEN)" on the sheet. Unprompted, he brings up both Wooden and Bird, because Bill Walton always brings up Wooden and Bird.

3:00-5:59 PM: Day two from Radio Row includes conversations with potential #1 NBA Draft pick DeAndre Ayton (we were instructed not to ask about Sean Miller or the FBI investigation, so we obliged), Doug Gottlieb, Illinois head coach Brad Underwood, and many others. Query actually convinced Baker Dunleavy (yes, one of the Dunleavy brothers) to send him Quinnipiac gear because it has a "Q" on it.

6:00 PM: We're the last station (out of seventeen) to wrap up our broadcast from Radio Row. The engineers were boxing everything up and wrapping cords at the tables around us, so we got the hint.

6:30 PM: After the show, we go to meet up with a college buddy of mine who works for the Missouri Valley Conference (here for Loyola, obviously) at an old bar called the Menger Bar. Apparently, Teddy Roosevelt used to hang out there.

7:30 PM: Since I picked dinner the night before (Mi Tierra), Query picks for night two. He chooses pizza... in Texas. We find some by-the-slice place on the Riverwalk. It's basically like Sbarro. Awful choice. At least it was cheap.

8:45 PM: We randomly run into Brebeuf and former IUPUI head coach Todd Howard downtown! Good to see a familiar face.

10:45 PM: After heading back to the Riverwalk to people-watch, we stop when we see Notre Dame rallying in their women's Final Four game against mighty UConn. We ended up at a Joe's Crab Shack (random) to watch the end of regulation and overtime. Damn, what a finish! Query complained about the taste of his draft beer again.

11:30 PM: Query gets frustrated because we literally can't get LTE service anywhere on the Riverwalk, so we return to the hotel for the night.



7:45 AM: This is my version of "sleeping in". I have a 14-month old and am incapable of sleeping past this time. Query briefly woke up to yell at me. Grumpy!

10:00 AM: We finally do the actual Alamo tour. It is a very small space and easy to breeze through in about twenty minutes. While I have great appreciation for the historical significance of it, the people that told me it was an underwhelming landmark were right. I'm still glad I got to cross it off the bucket list. We got these priceless photos which I'll treasure forever.

11:45 AM: Query decides to rent a car so we can venture to Stonewall to visit President Lyndon B. Johnson's childhood home. I'm actually on board with this. After watching Ken Burns's Vietnam documentary, I've become more and more fascinated with LBJ and that time period in America in general.

1:15 PM: Arrive at the LBJ ranch. It's a gigantic plot of land which includes a schoolhouse, the home where he was born, his ranch (he called it the "Texas White House"), and his airplane hangar, which included a mini Air Force One. Johnson was the first President to have access to his very own aircraft.

2:30 PM: Stop at Whataburger because I had never had Whataburger before. Not too shabby. It was like a fresher version of Burger King.

4:30ish PM: As we get back into San Antonio, all hell breaks loose. Query realized he left his HoJo's hat at the Alamo gift shop (which I am instructed to go retrieve) and he forgets to gas up the rental car. After scrambling for the next hour or so, we're finally ready to head over to the Alamodome.

6:00 PM: Arrive at the Alamodome and the Final Four. It's a cool building, but I can't believe they just kind of let it sit there. (How in the world does a city the size of San Antonio only have one major pro sports team?)

6:45 PM: Michigan finally gets even with Loyola to make the score 47-47. Query turns to me and says "They'll win by double-digits". Hate to admit it, but he was right.

8:00 PM: We are surrounded by Kansas fans. The stadium has to be 60-70% KU fans overall. Query creepily asks for a photo with the student section while holding his Kansas student ID from 1992.

9:15 PM: In awe of Villanova's shooting display, but at the same disappointed with the lack of competitiveness of what was supposed to be a great Final Four game, we bolt Nova-Kansas early.

10:30 PM: Frequent tweeter Garrison Carr, a Loyola grad, made an 18-hour drive (!) from Indy earlier in the day to see his Ramblers on a once-in-a-lifetime stage. We actually talked more about Tom Crean (Garrison is also an IU fan) with him than Loyola.

12:15 AM: Have one last Lone Star and head back to the room to wake up for our early flight.



6:00 AM: Up bright and early to catch our morning flight out of San Antonio. After Query tells our Uber driver  that we do a radio show in Indianapolis, he says, "I thought you guys sounded familiar!" It's humbling to see how our brand has gone national. #blessed

8:15 AM: Jake notices former Butler player/coach Matthew Graves as we're grabbing breakfast at the airport. We talk to him for about a half-hour about his future, Brad Stevens, and other SUPER SECRET OFF-THE_RECORD stuff that media guys and coaches discuss.

8:45 AM: Wheels up for Houston/Indianapolis!

10:58 AM: Trolling. 😎

3:30 PM: Clearly sick of my presence (and my bare foot), which is disheartening because I thought we had established a strong bond over the last few days, Query sprints up the ramp and goes home. With that, Our Travel Buddy Trip of a Lifetime™ concludes. We will both cherish these memories forever.


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