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Chris Ballard: "The Rivalry Is Back On"

Chris Ballard spoke at a press conference today, one that he assumed was going to be to introduce Josh McDaniels head coach, about the Colts scrambling for a replacement.

While he took the high road - he repeated the word "disappointed" but didn't throw any barbs at McDaniels or the Patriots - Ballard was clearly taken aback by all of this falling through.

- The call with Josh McDaniels only lasted a few minutes and Ballard didn't try to change his mind.

- Andrew Luck doesn't need surgery, but he hasn't picked up an actual football... yet. Ballard remained adamant that they're happy where he is right now.

- He took ownership of the way-too-early announcement that McDaniels was a done deal.

- There is no specific timetable for hiring a coach, nor would he mention how many coaches he'll actually talk to.

- There were some candidates who they originally wanted to talk to, but were unable to fit in, who they may be able to talk to now.

- Ballard seemed to throw out the original interview list, which includes a lot of coaches who already committed elsewhere. That would eliminate Matt Rhule (Baylor) and Kris Richard (formerly Seattle, now Dallas).

- Ballard spoke glowingly about the current staff, including defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus, and seems 100% committed to the guys who signed contracts here.

- He did end the press conference with "The Rivalry is back on", so at least he gave us a little glimpse into how he feels.

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