What's the Colts' Draft Pick Scenario?

The Colts lost for the sixth time in seven games yesterday, in a not-very-competitive 30-10 defeat in Jacksonville. Now, entering the final four meaningless games of the season, fans are wondering: what is Indy's draft status?

At the conclusion of Week 13, the Colts are currently tied with the Broncos for the second-worst record in the AFC, and the fourth-worst record overall:

With the Browns being a total trash fire, Indy owning the head-to-head over the 49ers, and the Giants in full tank mode, it's difficult to see the Colts picking any higher than 4th overall. However, according to @MyColtsAccount, if the Colts only win one more game (or less), they're guaranteed to pick no worse than 7th overall:


We don't suggest openly rooting for your favorite team to lose, but at this point, losing would be more beneficial - especially that Thursday night game against Denver.

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