The Rumor That Luck Wants Out is Stupid

Rumors make the world go 'round in Sports Media. 

Speculation drives listening to sports radio, clicks to sports columns, and page views to sports media websites. So, every once in awhile, something pops up that seems to be total nonsense. That seemingly happened this morning with Mike & Mike's "rumor" about Andrew Luck possibly wanting out of Indy.


Bob Kravitz, who has covered the Colts for nearly two decades, reached out to Luck's agent, who had this to say:


To be fair, of course Luck's agent is going to say that. We've seen agents shoot down rumors before that were true. But, in this case, why would Luck leak that he wants out? He's not healthy and he's in the second year of massive six-year contract extension. There really isn't anywhere for him to go right now. Even if there was, do you think new general manager Chris Ballard's first big move would be to trade the franchise player? Come on. Plus, it isn't his style to play the role of malcontent.

I'm sure Luck is upset, as he should be. The Colts haven't handled his shoulder surgery/rehab with much tact, and the roster around Luck seems to be regressing as he moves into what should be the prime of his career. There's a difference between being frustrated, though, and not wanting to be part of the organization anymore.

The Colts clearly have a ton of issues going on right now in what is shaping up to be a potentially disastrous season. However, the star player "wanting out" is nothing more than a rumor attempting to pour more gasoline on the trash fire at West 56th street.

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