BREAKING: James Blackmon Jr. to Stay in NBA Draft

Indiana's top three players from last season are all heading to the pros. The latest, and likely last (barring something unforeseen with Robert Johnson), is James Blackmon Jr.


The former Marion star was never fully embraced by the Indiana faithful. While a gifted scorer, Blackmon Jr. often caused frustration with his defensive lapses. Some felt his injury midway through his sophomore year was addition-by-subtraction, as the Hoosiers surged to an outright Big Ten championship without him.

It is unlikely Blackmon Jr will be drafted, but that doesn't mean he can't make an NBA roster. Former teammates Troy Williams (Houston) and Yogi Ferrell (Dallas) each earned spots despite being undrafted last June.

Indiana's oversign problem is now gone - they have thirteen players for thirteen scholarships.

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