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Is This The Most NASCAR Picture Ever Taken?

NASCAR has some of the most passionate fans in sports. When you think of a majority those fans, you usually think of a couple of things:

- Midwestern or Southern (especially) roots

- preferably, at least one NASCAR-related tattoo

- Jeans shorts

- Some sort of cut-off or muscle shirt

- an article of clothing with the American flag or checkered flag (or both)

Rich Nye of WTHR talked to a couple of those die-hards at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway today, and the picture is absolute gold. This trio doesn't check all the boxes, but you can tell they love their stock car racing:

I especially enjoyed the old-school, non-NFL licensed Dallas Clark jersey (retired after 2013) that the fella in the back is wearing. His buddy crosses off the cut-off shirt, and the cell phone pants clip is a nice touch. I was kind of hoping the guy sporting the Kasey Kahne shirt instead had on American/checkered flag-themed garb, but that's OK.

I swear I'm not judging. I'm impressed with these guys. Heck, this was me before last year's Indianapolis 500:


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