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Who Should Stay... and Who Should Go?

Coming off a hugely disappointing 2016-17 season, there are many members of the Pacers whose future may be in doubt. Here is a look at some of the most important names:

Paul George

The four-time All-Star is under contract next year, but with free agency looming in 2018 (he'll certainly opt out of his final year), the Pacers are under pressure to either sign or trade George. If he makes the All-NBA team, the Pacers can offer Paul George over $70 million more than any other NBA team. Indiana doesn't necessarily have to do anything this summer, though, as they could deal him before next February's trade deadline.

Jeff Teague

Teague had a solid debut season with the Pacers overall, although he battled some inconsistency. He's been a borderline All-Star most of his career, but now 28 years old, that's probably his peak. A free-agent-to-be, the Indy native will almost certainly cost $20M+/season to retain, and that's going to be an awfully hard price for the Pacers to pay.

Nate McMillan

An average-to-mediocre head coach for over a decade in Seattle and Portland, McMillan had another average-to-mediocre year with the Pacers. It's hard to imagine Larry Bird admitting a mistake after just one season, but McMillan showed little to prove that he's the guy moving forward. With the sweep by Cleveland, he fell to 1-5 all-time in First Round series as a head coach.

Larry Bird

In a career with some highs (drafting George/Turner, the Jermaine O'Neal trade, etc.) and some lows (the 2006 Draft class, the Dunleavy/Murphy years, etc.), this may have been Bird's worst single-season performance as an executive. Deciding to move on from Frank Vogel was defensible, but choosing McMillan to replace him was an uninspired choice. The deal for Al Jefferson was a disaster, as was attempting to pair Teague and Monta Ellis in the same backcourt. Bird almost certainly won't get fired, but could he finally walk away from basketball?

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