Ball Sticks to Yadier Molina

The St. Louis Cardinals are one the most-storied franchises in American sports, and there are many fans right here in Central Indiana. However, there is a certain level of arrogance associated with most Cardinals fans, who call themselves the "Best Fans in Baseball" or #BFIB. There are even books written about their "ironclad code of conduct", which makes the rest of the baseball world collectively roll its eyes.

However, was one of the teams' most-beloved players caught bending the rules (gasp!) during yesterday's game with the Cubs?


Doctoring baseballs is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and unless Major League Baseball decided to put magnets in their baseballs at the start of this season, you have to wonder if that's what Molina was doing. Why else would his catcher's gear have enough stickiness for a baseball to be glued to his chest?

While it's technically legal for a catcher to use pine tar - unlike pitchers - doctoring a baseball in any way is cause for a ten-game suspension.

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