Orlando Columnist Predicts Billy Donovan to IU

Billy Donovan has found some success in the pro ranks, leading Oklahoma City to the West Finals his first season and an 87-52 record overall.  However, there remains speculation that Donovan wants to return to college basketball, and one Orlando media member predicts if he does, it'll be in Bloomington:


To be fair, this was part of a "crazy second-half predictions" segment on Bianchi's radio station, 96.9 The Game.  Still, for a reputable media figure in Florida, who I'm sure is tapped in when it comes to past/present in-state sports figures, you'd have to believe that Bianchi's take is rooted in some truth.  

There's still no telling what Indiana will do when it comes to Tom Crean's future.  Crean's buyout falls to $1 million on July 1st, but Indiana can't afford to wait that long into the offseason to make a decision. Retaining Crean for 2017-18 without an extension - his contract expires in 2020 -could harm recruiting and cause a "lame duck" situation, which puts everyone in a bind.

Regardless, the Donovan situation is one worth keeping an eye on.

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