Is Chuck Pagano in Trouble After All?

The Colts have concluded the first round of interviews with their six General Manager candidates, and the favorite to land the job apparently wants to bring in his own guy as head coach.  According to reports, Chris Ballard, the Kansas City Director of Football Ops, is the front-runner but may only take the job if he can replace Chuck Pagano:


La Canfora went on to say that keeping Pagano may not be a "deal-breaker" for Ballard, however you would think that any out-of-house GM would want to pick his own coach.  That's the standard operating procedure, anyway.

As for Dave Toub, he's a 54-year old career assistant, spending the last sixteen NFL seasons as a Special Teams coordinator with the Eagles, Bears, and Chiefs.  He's considered a hidden gem by some, and has even drawn comparisons to Jim Harbaugh:


A Ballard-Toub package deal would signify the wholesale change from the "Grigano" regime that many fans wanted to see.  Ballard has been granted a second interview, and although Jim Irsay hasn't given a timetable for a decision, I can't imagine this process would extend past Super Bowl weekend.


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