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Colin Cowherd: How Jordan Love Has Saved His NFL Career

Colin Cowherd: “Jordan Love has no fear of letting it rip now and Matt LaFleur is now allowing him to let it rip. They were not in the preseason, they were not in September, and Love was awful in October. He’ll never be as precise as Aaron Rodgers and there’s a lot more Favre here. His mechanics are hit or miss, throw-to-throw but there is some Favre here. With Favre you knew there would be some ugly picks, and he would miss throws, and he would be wild, but he was a gamer and could go toe-to-toe with anybody. His game, like Favre’s, is built around swagger and confidence. He's the kind of athlete who needs some space, he’s not a precision thrower like Peyton Manning. He looked apprehensive in September, bad in October, and he didn't look like anything in the preseason because they didn’t let him do anything. But what he has now is 'buy-in' in the building. Justin Fields has no ‘buy-in’ in the building. How do I know that? By the play calls. They don’t trust Justin Fields. They don’t trust Zach Wilson. They don’t trust Mac Jones or Bailey Zappe, you can tell by the play calls. I don’t care if he wins or losses, he’s gotta get ‘buy-in’ in the building, and he’s got it now, you can tell from the throws. They're just letting him let it go, and they weren’t in the preseason or September. He’s not built to be precise – that's Brady, Kirk Cousins, and Drew Brees. Green Bay drafts and develops offensive players about as well as anybody. They’ve drafted more wide receiver talent the last two years than Belichick has the last 18 years, and generationally they’re Jordan Love’s age. Aaron Rodgers felt like an old front man and the band was a bunch of hipsters. It never felt like it worked. This is perfect -- Jordan Love is young, talented, he will make mistakes, Watson will drop passes, Doubs will run the wrong route, but Love won’t get frustrated with them because he’s their age and they’re all learning together. Aaron was a great talent but it was an old guy rolling his eyes at the kids. More than anything, Love has got the buy-in from the staff. They’re letting him let it go and they were not early on.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain how he thinks Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love transformed himself from pedestrian stop-gap starter to possible franchise quarterback in just a matter of weeks.

Check out the segment above as Colin details the process of the Packers coaching staff finally buying into Love as their official successor to Aaron Rodgers. 

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