Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Supports College Football Putting Season On

Clay Travis: “In your mind, should they be playing college football and college sports in general this fall?

Ron DeSantis: “Without question... We have so many phenomenal student-athletes in our country and these are men and women who don’t get there by chancel; they work hard and are able to use sports to be able to expand opportunities for themselves… Being in those environments is the most structure, and setting the kids up for the most success. To say you’re not going to let them play sports, you’re not gonna help them with their development, and you’re also not helping them with coronavirus. They’re likely to be doing other things if not for this. For a practical perspective, to me this is a no-brainer. When you look at how hard a lot of these kids work, they wanna play. If you feel like somehow this is too risky for you, you get to keep your eligibility, and keep your scholarship. My sense is that the vast, vast majority of players would want to get out there and be able to play… You see everybody else is playing – the NBA, Major League Baseball, the PGA has done a great job, soccer is playing, and there’s no reason we can’t be playing high school and college athletics.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Florida Governor Ron Desantis join Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis to pledge his support for the 2020 college football season going on as scheduled, as the powers that be continue their tumultuous deliberation into the prospects of a college football season being played in the fall.

Check out the segment above as Desantis explains why he thinks willing college athletes deserve the chance to have their voices heard, and why he believes college athletes will actually be much safer in a COVID-19 structured season with 24/7 health surveillance, than they would be just aimlessly hanging out in their hometowns.

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