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Nick Wright Says Bengals Need to Bench Joe Burrow

Nick Wright: “If we agree the Bengals are just in the Super Bowl business at this point—the only way they’re winning the Super Bowl is if Joe Burrow is healthy at the end of the year and they’re in the playoffs. Show their schedule again [Rams, @Titans, @Cardinals, Seahawks, BYE]. Would the Bengals be totally dead at 2-4? No, not in a 17-game schedule. After these next four games they have a bye. If I were running the Bengals I would say ‘Rams, Titans, Cardinals, Seahawks, you’re [Joe Burrow] not playing, you’re back October 29th.' You will beat the Cardinals if you’re worth anything, and then can you win one of these other games, be 2-4, and then say ‘Joe, we were 3-4 and made the Super Bowl, can we go on a run??’" (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Nick Wright of FS1’s ‘First Things First’ explain why he thinks the Cincinnati Bengals need to bench Joe Burrow as soon as possible.  

A lingering calf injury has sunk Burrow to just 304 yards passing in two games and an 0-2 record with two early losses to AFC North rivals Cleveland and Baltimore.  

Check out the segment above as Wright details why the Bengals need to sit Burrow down and heal for the next four games with a Week 7 bye week waiting in the wings, giving Burrow five full weeks to recuperate by Week 8, adding that a 2-4 record would still have Cincinnati in position to make a run at a Wildcard playoff spot.

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