Indiana Officer Gets Special Reward After Being Attacked By A Squirrel

Photo: Harrison County Sheriff Nick Smith

One Indiana officer got a special reward after fighting off a vicious squirrel, reported KIRO 7. The best part is that the entire encounter with the animal was caught on camera.

Harrison County Sheriff Nick Smith posted the video on Facebook for the world to see. The video shows a squirrel suddenly attacking a deputy. Deputy David Wheatley can be seen flailing around trying to get the animal away from him.

According to Sheriff Smith, deputies were originally responding to a call for an older woman who had opened the door to let her cat in, when the squirrel made its way into the home. The squirrel ran up the woman's leg and up her head, scratching her.

Deputies were able to catch the squirrel and remove it from the home. That's when it attacked the officer. Sheriff Smith jokes that the squirrel is still on the run and wanted for residential burglary and battery.

Check out the video of the squirrel attack below.

Sheriff Smith awarded Deputy Wheatley "for his bravery and dedication." A photo posted by Sheriff Smith shows Wheatley standing with a certificate for "Squirrel Taekwondo" along with a golden squirrel statue.

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