This Is The Best Grilled Cheese In Indiana

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Grilled cheese — it can be eaten as a snack or an entire meal. And the best part is you only need two ingredients!

If you wanna get fancy with it though, look no further. Love Food compiled a list of where you can find the best grilled cheese in every state. Here's what they said about it:

Two slices of bread and some cheese might sound simple but, to many, finding the perfect grilled cheese is an endless (very tasty) mission. There are the purists, who like theirs with handfuls of Cheddar and finished under the grill. Some prefer a sandwich with several types of cheese, while others might want all the loaded extras. Here are the ooziest, most delicious grilled cheese sandwiches in every state.

In Indiana, the best grilled cheese is the 3 cheese at Subito in Indianapolis. Here's what Love Food said to back up its decision:

It’s hard to work out just how this tiny takeaway spot manages to cram so much into such a small space. Pretty much everything at Subito is made in house, including the sourdough bread that makes the grilled cheese so delicious. The blend of three different cheeses – Cheddar, Swiss and American – is just right. Diners can add soup for dipping (delicious) or bulk up the grilled cheese with added ham.

Subito is located at 34 N Delaware St in Indianapolis.

To read the full list of the best grilled cheeses in every state, click here.

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