UFC Star Tito Ortiz Wins California City Council Seat With 14% Of The Vote


Former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz has thrown his hat into the political ring. Ortiz was one of sixteen candidates running for three open seats on the Huntington Beach City Council in California.

Ortiz managed to best all the candidates, earning 34,901 votes. While that equaled just 14.3% of the total votes, it was enough to earn the top spot and one of the open seats. He will be joined by Huntington Beach Planning Commissioner Dan Kalmick, who came in second with 11% of the vote, and Natalie Moser, who finished in third with 10.9%.

His term will last for four years.

Ortiz has been an avid supporter of President Donald Trump since he first declared his intention to run for president. Ortiz took a page out of Trump's book using "Make Huntington Beach Safe Again" as his campaign slogan.

Ortiz won the Light Heavyweight champion in 2000 and successfully defended the title five times during his career. He retired in 2012 with a 21-12-1 record and was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. Ortiz decided to unretire in 2014 and went 3-1 fighting with Bellator MMA. His most recent victory came last December when he defeated former WWE star Alberto Del Rio in the first round via submission.

Photo: Getty Image

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