Dan Patrick: "With a Few Exceptions, You Never Mess with a Celebrity Fan"

New York Film Director and Knicks fan Spike Lee si

Dan Patrick's opening rant details his frustration with the friction between the New York Knicks and Spike Lee after he got into an altercation with Knicks' security regarding which entrance to Madison Square Garden he was supposed to be using.

"With a few exceptions, you never mess with a celebrity fan. The Lakers let Jack Nicholson argue with the officials. Drake has so much power in Toronto, the Raptors would probably suit him up for a game. Remember Billy Crystal? Billy Crystal deserves a statue in Los Angeles for all those years that he stuck with the Clippers.

Spike Lee expressed his frustrations on ESPN's first take:

"The Knicks have plenty of celebrity fans, but none of them are as visible as Spike Lee. If you go back to the playoffs where he had the back and forth with Reggie Miller...a part of NBA history. Now he may have gone too far this time around with his reaction, but the Knicks could use loyal fans. They have a great fanbase despite being a horribly run team. Like it or not, Spike Lee has been there through thick and thin. And hopefully, for the team, they'll find a way to keep him in the building.

If you’re the Knicks, Spike Lee has been the one constant.

  • He shows up for every game.
  • He supports you everywhere.
  • He's on the red carpet supporting you.
  • He spends $300,000 a year for his seats.
  • He doesn't get the seats; he BUYS the seats.
  • He is an employee.
  • He is an ambassador for you.

He's been doing this for decades."

Listen to Dan Patrick's full rant below: