Why Colts' Backup Jacoby Brissett Will Win the NFL MVP This Season

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
Dan Patrick: “What’s your most controversial NFL prediction for this season?”
Peter King: “The Colts winning the AFC South and Jacoby Brissett being an MVP candidate. The last time we saw Brissett play they had the 25th best offensive line play in football according to Pro Football Focus, and Brisset was chased all over creation. That was in 2017. Last year, when Andrew Luck played they had the third best offensive line performance in the NFL, and that’s the offensive line Brisset will play behind right now, along with a significantly better defense than he had in 2017. He's going to have the opportunity to be the beneficiary to a much better team around him.” (Full Video at Bottom of Page)

Listen to NBC Sports NFL insider Peter King join The Dan Patrick Show to explain why believes Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett could emerge as a dark horse MVP candidate in a season that was already seemingly left for dead with the shocking retirement of Andrew Luck.

Brisset is a former third round pick from North Carolina State and Florida, and had been a respected NFL backup his first three years in the league between the Patriots and Colts.

In 2017, Brisset made 15 starts for the Colts in Luck’s absence with a shoulder injury, going just 4-11 and averaging 193.6 passing yards a game, but he did finish with a somewhat decent touchdown to interception ratio of 13 to 7 on a Indianapolis team with one of the worst offenses on paper.

That season, Brisset was sacked more than any QB in the league, as King points out that Pro Football Focus ranked the 2017 Colts offensive line 25th in the league.

Check out the interview below as King details to Dan Patrick why a budding Brisset could turn into one of the football’s best stories playing behind a 2019 Colts O-line that is arguably the best in football.