Carli Lloyd: 'It Would Be Amazing to Pave Way For Female Kickers in NFL'

FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala 2015
Carli Lloyd: “I was just going to have some fun kicking some field goals, I didn’t really warm up, I started at 25 yards, nailed that one and just kept moving further and further back, then got set at 55 and hit that one straight off the bat… Next thing I know I’m getting in the car to leave an hour later and things just started blowing up and going viral, and turned into potentially playing in the NFL. My phone was blowing up with all sorts of texts and tweet and you name it. I was just kind of laughing and thinking this is something fun, but my husband was saying ‘this is pretty big, you should seriously consider’… I was just kind of brushing it off, but the more and more I think about it, it would be pretty amazing to be the first female to kick in the NFL and break that barrier and maybe pave the way for other female kickers. I love a challenge. With the right training and technique it’s a possibility.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to United States Women’s National Team hero Carli Lloyd join The Dan Patrick Show to discuss how she got enveloped with the biggest sports story of the summer, as the two-time FIFA Player of the Year is suddenly contemplating a push to become a kicker in the National Football League.

After going viral for kicking a 55-yard field goal in Philadelphia Eagles training camp last week, there has been a wave of support for the 37-year-old Lloyd fresh off winning a World Cup with the National Team, to legitimately attempt trying out for an NFL team next summer.

Last week, Fox Sports reported that a mystery team had even offered Lloyd a spot on their roster for their fourth preseason, but Lloyd's USA team already had a scheduled friendly against Portugal.

Carli explained to Dan Patrick how this whole story played out, and why something that seemed like a joke at first has turned into a revolutionary undertaking at potentially one of the greatest stories ever told.

Check out the interview below as Lloyd says it would be amazing to be the first female to ever kick in the NFL and be a trailblazer towards the future of female kickers on the pro level.