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Biden Stasi Raid Home of Former Trump DOJ Official

BUCK: Feds have searched the home, a raid on the home of Jeffrey Clark, who is a former DOJ official, whom they say — this is the allegation from the libs — was pushing election conspiracies, essentially an ideologue involved in laying the groundwork for the insurrection that they’re all so worried about. So, they searched the home of Jeffrey Clark, and we’ll see what they end up finding here. But I’ve gotta say, Clark, they’re making him a figure in their January 6 hearings and all the rest of it.

Because there was an effort — according to CNN here –by Trump to get the Justice Department to falsely claim there was enough voter fraud in Georgia and other states that he lost. So they’re saying that Trump tried to pressure him to overturn the election result in Georgia and so they’ve raided his home. Now does anyone think it’s necessary for them to raid this guy’s home? Really? No. Of course not. This is meant to send a message. This is the Biden Stasi.

‘Cause you remember the East German police that had hundreds of thousands, it turned out, of informants and informers and employees all working for this massive state police surveillance system, and if you want to see… I just tell you this: I think one of the best foreign language films ever made and one of my favorite 10 pro-freedom movies is Das Leben der Anderen, which is “the lives of others” in German. The Lives of Others. If you haven’t seen it…

I know you’re gonna have to read subtitles and that for some people is annoying, but it is so good, such a good film. And it deals with the Stasi, the East German secret police, and how they suppress freedom and how they turned people against each other. And if you watch that movie you might say, “Hmm, it’s almost like the Democrats recently have taken some pages from the playbook.” I would bring to your attention the raid on Roger Stone’s home.

Remember that one? Dozens of FBI agents with long guns and tac vests on, knocking on the door — pounding on it at — whatever it was, 5 a.m., and Roger Stone coming out in silk pajamas and slippers, saying, “What’s this all about?” The dozens — and of course, they had CNN there to videotape the whole thing. “We just happened to be here, ’cause we’re such good journalists.” Remember, they pretended that they didn’t get a tip-off from the FBI at that time? Well, this is what they do, though.

They make examples of their political opponents. Think of all… If I asked you to do this, go through this thought exercise with me — all of you, all of our wonderful listeners across the country, go through this just a second — think of the times that the Democrats have used the force of the state and specifically the FBI for just outright intimidation of political opponents to make examples of people who stand against the Democrat power grabs that are always ongoing.

I just mentioned Roger Stone, but look at what they’ve done with the January 6 defendants. Solitary confinement, judges saying that they’re a danger to the public if they’re released? What, they might go with some more rogue selfies inside all of government building? Give me a break. These people are being treated like Al-Qaeda terrorists, in many cases for no violent crime — and if they destroyed some property, they should be held to account for that.

But what about all the BLM rioters who destroyed statues and priceless statues at that and destroyed buildings and burned down businesses, and have they been treated with severity? Of course not. They’re playing for the right political team, Team Democrat. That’s the whole point here. They’re sending a message with these actions. They lock up the January 6 defenders in solitary not because they think that’s what the justice system and our laws demand but because that’s what their politics necessitate.

One thing I want you to remember as we’re watching all this January 6th frenzy in the media — which I’m hoping you don’t have to waste your time. I watch some of it just so I know exactly what they’re saying and so I can arm you with the best possible means of taking apart their arguments. So, I watch this January 6th stuff, but people tend to — and this is actually true beyond even this. People want to be heroes in their own narrative, right?

They want to be on the side of the good guys. Part of the obsession with the January 6th hearings and the coverage and the narrative and the insurrection is that Democrats right now and going into this midterm election are faced with a choice, and here is the choice. I’ll put in the most straightforward terms. They can either accept that the Biden administration is an abject failure, that the Biden regime is run by incompetents and ideologues…

And usually a combination of those two — and that inflation and the economy overall and the baby formula shortage and the wide-open border and the lawlessness and the criminality surge and all of these things that you can point to right now where there’s just failure — proves, proves that Democrats made a poor choice; proves that they were wrong about what they thought Joe Biden would accomplish and what a great healing, uniting president he would be.

And in accepting that these Democrats would also have to accept that they’re not as clever or as wise as they had thought perhaps their whole lives. They have to accept that the other side, the Republicans, maybe have a point sometimes. Maybe they’re actually good people. Maybe they want what’s best for the country. They’re not all insurrectionists. They’re not all MAGA lunatics, or… What is it? Ultra-MAGA! There we go. That’s the phrase. Call me ultra-MAGA. Sounds so cool.

So that’s one choice the Democrats have. The other choice they have is what you see playing out right now. “Oh, we’re the ones saving our democracy! We’re the ones that are preventing the next insurrection. We’re the heroes in this narrative.” You see, the Democrats create this delusion where their side — no matter what the country is going through, no matter how many failures the Biden administration has, no matter how much of a total and utter nightmare the Biden regime becomes for the American people — it’s the side of the angels, the good guys, the heroes.

Because it’s the side that stops — and is now stopping — the insurrection. And I’m gonna tell you this. In totalitarian regimes. It’s something that I’m fascinated by and read histories of — totalitarian regimes — as often as I can, ’cause I find them fascinating. I want to know; how do they get away with this? How do they do this? One of the primary, consistent truths about a truly totalitarian government regime is that they create a circumstance where there’s perpetual threat to the system itself that justifies their heavy-handedness, that justifies their oppression, their arbitrary and capricious dispensing of justice, all of it.

“We have to do this, you see, because it’s perpetual crisis — a regime of perpetual crisis that doesn’t feel the need to justify itself based on results, but only feels the need to justify its actions based upon the existential threat that it is constantly under.” This was true in the Soviet Union. This is true in North Korea. This was true in East Germany. This is true in fill in the blank. This is true in Ceausescu’s Romania. This was true in Tito’s Yugoslavia.

This is — you go through the list — always the external threat to the regime or the internal threat to the regime or combination thereof justifies every action they take and all the failure. Whether it’s bread lines, the misery of the bureaucracy, the kangaroo courts, the show trials, all of that, you have to just sweep that away because the existence of the state and the regime itself is at risk, don’t you see?

That’s the kind of thinking that would lead you to wrap the Capitol in barbed wire and sensing for months and deploy National Guard soldiers for months on end, right, ’cause you’re under such threat. That’s the thinking that would lead to raids on the home of a former DOJ official who served a previous administration. My friends, this is Third World dictatorship kind of stuff. And the great irony of it all is that January 6 and the insurrection narrative is the Democrats way to justify moving toward dictatorship in their minds to prevent it.

See how it all comes around? They have to be tyrannical sometimes to save us from the tyrant Trump. They have to be tyrannical times and shred the Constitution to save our system of government — our sacred democracy, they call it. It’s not gonna get better. The only way this stops is if people wake up and we take power from them and there is a repudiation. The Democrats deserve — the Biden administration deserves — humiliation at the ballot box. Not a loss, humiliation. That is the only way that we will start to push back toward the realm of reality and maybe not have federal agents searching through the homes of the previous regime’s DOJ officials. We can only hope, my friends. We can only hope.

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