The Climate Change Cult Is Frustrated

RUSH: You know that protest at the Yale-Harvard game last weekend where a bunch of environmentalist wackos showed up protesting at halftime, shutting down the game, extending it for a while? You know the right way to look at this?

This is desperation. The climate change crowd is losing the battle for public opinion. The climate change crowd is getting desperate. The climate change crowd is getting frustrated they have not created majority public opinion to get rid of fossil fuels, to roll back American progress. They haven't succeeded in this. They're getting frustrated.

So now they're having to take drastic action. They're having to protest events that are very popular where a lot of people are in order to get seen, in order to get noticed. And it's gonna backfire. I don't care what you think. If you're at the Harvard-Yale game, you don't want to see a bunch of spoiled brats storming the field at halftime doing their own version of Colin Kaepernick. You just don't want to see it.