Clay Travis Defends His Old Takes on Lamar Jackson

Clay Travis Defends His Old Takes on Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens star QB Lamar Jackson LIT UP the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football, throwing 5 TD passes and running all wild over the Rams defense- seems as if Lamar has taken a serious stronghold on the race for the MVP award. Clay Travis is still defending his stance on Lamar Jackson (who last week Clay said was 8th on his MVP list) and still doesn't buy the long-term viability of Lamar Jackson and his style of play in the NFL but admitted Lamar may be "a unicorn."

Clay Travis compares some Lamar defenders to the same people who were upset if you dared to say that you didn't like the movie Black Panther. Danny G. puts the blame on Clay and Jackson haters who were on the extreme side of doubting Lamar Jackson and calls out Clay for his 'freezing cold take' back in January. That's when Clay said that he'd go with JOE FLACCO over Lamar Jackson a billion times out of a billion times for the next five years.

Clay inserts a new QB for Tuesday morning's Outkick the Coverage debate- you have a choice between Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson quarterbacking your team for the next 5 years...who ya got?

Clay used that as his poll question on Twitter and the results were slanted in favor of Patrick Mahomes, but how would the entire Outkick team decide? Spoiler Alert: Clay took Mahomes.

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