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Jason Whitlock: The Real Reason the WNBA is so Hostile Toward Caitlin Clark

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless explain why Caitlin Clark’s rookie season in the WNBA has been met by so much hostility and defiance from current and former WNBA players, as college basketball’s former sweetheart has bizarrely become one of the most polarizing topics in sports by no fault of her own.

Check out the segment below as Whitlock details why Clark’s illuminating presence has incensed the ‘bigoted, angry, Black lesbian’ faction in the WNBA who despises the fact that the league’s most popular and identifiable player is a White heterosexual girl from Iowa who is single-handedly transforming the demographics of the league’s fanbase.

Jason Whitlock: “I want to elaborate on a point I made earlier this week about ‘why?’ the resistance to Caitlin Clark... 
This is how ANGRY and the lack of gratitude that these women have. The WNBA for 25-26 years has basically been a traveling lesbian sex cult. You go to any WNBA arena and it looks like some kind of lesbian party. Fly the rainbow over the arena, let everybody know ‘IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN UP IN THIS ARENA! THERE'S GOING TO BE BRITTNEY GRINER HERE, THERE’S GOING TO BE DIANA TAURASI HERE, AND THIS ARENA IS GOING TO BE FILLED WITH OTHER LESBIANS! THIS IS OUR SAFE SPACE! THIS IS OUR PLACE TO PARTY! THIS IS OUR PICKUP LOUNGE! THIS IS OUR HANGOUT, THIS IS OUR NIGHTCLUB, THIS IS OUR STRIP CLUB!'... 
Now think this through... What’s the argument against Caitlin Clark at this point now? It's her 'fans'... Because Caitlin Clark has given them nothing to complain about, she's played this brilliantly. She has said nothing, she hasn't been aggressive with any of these people, she hasn't done anything, and they know that, so what they now complain about is her ‘fans’...  
She’s like Tim Tebow. Nothing wrong with Tim Tebow but it’s her ‘fans’. ‘WE DON’T LIKE THEM! THEY HAVE THESE EXPECTATIONS AND THEY WON’T BE MET! THEY HATE US!’... What they’re really saying is ‘WE DON’T WANT HETEROSEXUAL MEN AND WOMEN, AND THEIR CHILDREN COMING TO OUR SEX CULT, OUR NIGHTCLUB, AND OUR STRIP CLUB!’... They don’t want the demographics inside the arena to change, and so everywhere Caitlin Clark goes -- if you watch these games, if you look at her home games, her road games, everywhere she goes – there are dads with their daughters, there is mom and dad with their daughters, there's families showing up because they like Caitlin Clark. The Indiana Fever were averaging 8,000 people last year, now they're averaging close to 18,000 people in the arena. The people showing up in the arena, many of them to see Caitlin Clark -- they're heterosexual.
So the group with no gratitude -- these feminists, these lesbians, the LGBTQ crowd, the crowd that has told you ‘TOXIC MASCULINITY! OH, MY GOD, WE DON’T WANT TO BE NEAR IT! IT’S DANGEROUS!’... They’re upset that Caitlin Clark is bringing heterosexual people into their arena. It’s breaking up their little private club.
Rather than have this league turn profit and begin the process of being able to stand on its own two feet, the Alphabet Mafia is throwing a riot and a temper tantrum. It's being very hostile towards Caitlin Clark because they'd like to break her, ruin her, and destroy her so that they can install a lesbian or a Black woman, preferably a Black lesbian woman, as the face of this league. 
That's important because in their delusional minds Black lesbian women built this. They have so little understanding of who actually built the league that they're playing in, who has carried the weight of the league that they're playing in, and who has financed their charity league. They have no gratitude towards those people and they don't want them around. They would rather live and work in an environment where they're always cash poor, unprofitable, and living off the charity of men rather than standing on their own two feet, and rather than giving the men their flowers and their credit for supporting them. Have you ever heard one of them talk about what men have done for them?”

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