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Doug Gottlieb on Deion Sanders Fanboys: 'You're Super Annoying'

Doug Gottlieb: “There are historically bad fan bases that are annoying. They become annoying because they’re a good story and then their fans become obnoxious because they’re entitled. I don’t even wanna say ‘Colorado football fan base’ because you’re not a Colorado football fan. Show me a full stadium when you’re bad. It’s easy to show up when you’re winning. The Colorado people combined with Deion Sanders sycophants—you're creeping over into the ‘you’re super annoying.’ Now, if you pick against Colorado you’re a ‘hater’ and ‘YOU DON’T BELIEVE!’ Last week they were the huge favorite and Colorado State came out – you're talking all that junk and they clearly hit them in the mouth, and the ribs, and late...But that was an incredible football game, and yeah, I was rooting for the underdog. It feels like the Colorado/Deion thing, while still really popular, we’re creeping up on people now going like ‘I’d kinda like them getting leveled off a little bit, wouldn’t mind if they got their asses kicked this weekend.’" 

Watch Doug Gottlieb on Fox Sports Radio’s ‘Doug Gottlieb Show’ explain why he thinks the Colorado football fan base is turning into one of the most insufferable in the nation, saying he thinks most of the country wants Colorado to ‘get their asses kicked this weekend’ by Oregon just to temporarily derail an exasperating hype train led by ‘Coach Prime’ fanboys.

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