This Is The Best Cheesecake In Indiana

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Mmmm, cheesecake. A dependable, reliable and absolutely delicious dessert that you can top with fruit or chocolate — or both — to get the best of both worlds.

If you're craving cheesecake now (I know that I am), why not try the best in your area? Love Food compiled a list of where to find the best cheesecake in every state. Here's what they said about it:

Who can resist a heavenly slice of cheesecake with its crumbly base and refreshing cream filling? Some people like it fruity, others rich and chocolatey, and then there are those who prefer plain vanilla.

In Indiana, the best cheesecake is Plain Cheesecake at Shapiro’s Delicatessen in Indianapolis. Here's what Love Food said to back up its decision:

Kosher-style Shapiro's Delicatessen in Indianapolis serves a number of scrumptious cheesecake options including carrot cake flavour, Oreo and Devil’s Food Cake. However, the Plain Cheesecake, a New York-style slice made with cream cheese, always hits the spot. Customers call it perfection.

Shapiro’s Delicatessen is located at 808 S Meridian St in Indianapolis.

To read the full list of where to find the best cheesecake in every state, click here.

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